In our days cellular communication has become an integral part of of our lives. Cell phone is used not only for calls and messages, also for accessing the Internet, social networks, online and many other services. But what if for you need a temporary telephone number for any specific purposes? In such cases you can use the rental service of phone number. Almost many companies provide the opportunity to rent virtual numbers, which can be used for both incoming and outgoing calls and messages. Renting a phone number may useful in the following cases: 1. Registration on sites [url=][/url] and services that require confirmation telephone number. 2. Creation temporary accounts for work or for testing applications. 3. Conducting marketing campaigns, mailings or surveys. 4. Hiding own phone number when communicating with unknown people. Lease of phone number can be either one-time or long. In addition you can choose a number with the code of any country either city. Cost of rent depends on duration of use and additional services provided by the company. However, before renting a telephone number, make sure that the company providing this service is reliable and non-threatening. Read reviews from other users, check the terms of use and data privacy. So, renting a phone number can be a convenient and reliable method to obtain a temporary number for various purposes. Use this service with mind and discretion to to avoid annoying situations.