Door Supervisor Course 


As per the SIA requirements any individual wanting to work in the security industry must have a valid SIA Approved licences

Course Duration

The Course Structure is divided in Four Days (including Physical Intervention Module)

Who Needs the Licence

Door Supervisor licence is required if manned guarding activities are undertaken in relation to licensed premises*, except where the activity only involves the use of CCTV equipment or falls within the definition of cash and valuables in transit or close protection. 

A Door Supervisor licence is required if you are performing this activity on behalf of yourself or your employer or your services area supplied for the purposes of or in connection with any contract to a consumer.

*'in relation to licensed premises' means when those premises are open to the public, at times when alcohol is being supplied for consumption, or regulated entertainment is being provided, on the premises. 

Two Types of Licence

There are two types of SIA licence:

  • A front line licence is required if undertaking licensable activity, other than key holding activities (this also covers undertaking non-front line activity). A front line licence is in the form of a credit card-sized plastic card that must be worn, subject to the licence conditions.
  • A non-front line licence is required for those who manage, supervise and/or employ individuals who engage in licensable activity, as long as front line activity is not carried out - this includes directors** or partners. A non-front line licence is issued in the form of a letter that also covers key holding activities. 

SIA Door Supervisor Training Course contents:

Door Supervisor Course is designed in such a way that when an individual is qualified he can manage the situations with respect to rules and regulations set by SIA Regulators.

Core Learning for Common Security Industry Knowledge (10 hours of which 5 hours must be contact time)

  • Module 1: Private Security Industry and awareness of the law.
  • Module 2: Health and Safety for the Private Security Operative
  • Module 3: Fire Safety Awareness
  • Module 4: Emergency Procedures
  • Module 5: The Private Security Industry
  • Module 6: Communication Skills and Customer Care Door Supervisor

Specialist Module (10 hours of which all must be contact time)

  • Module 1: Behavioural Standards
  • Module 2: Civil and Criminal Law
  • Module 3: Searching
  • Module 4: Arrest
  • Module 5: Drugs Awareness
  • Module 6: Recording Incidents and Crime Preservation
  • Module 7: Licensing Law
  • Module 8: Emergency Procedures

Conflict Management Module (8 hours of which 7 ½ hours must be contact time)

  • Module 1: Avoiding Conflict and Reducing Personal Risk
  • Module 2: Defusing Conflict
  • Module 3: Resolving and Learning from Conflict
  • Module 4: Emergency Procedures
  • Module 4b: Application of Communication Skills and Conflict Management for Door Supervisors

Physical Intervention Skills Module (10 hours of which 7 ½ hours must be contact time)

  • Module 1: Introduction to Physical Skills
  • Module 2: Disengagement Techniques
  • Module 3: Escorting Techniques 

* Physical Intervention Module


The new door supervisor training offered by us includes the additional modules, however those interested in only this specific module can take this training separately


The Duration of P.I Training is One Day full session in which candidates will be taught various self defence & How to manage themselves in case of Emergency.


From 2010 the new SIA requirements for Training and Licensing Door Supervisors has changed, and those new changes for Door Supervisors will now include additional training in Physical Intervention Skills. In particular the new additional Modules will include Escorting and Disengagement Skills.Other changes have been made, and the new awards will cover more first aid content, awareness of terrorist threats and specific responsibilities for dealing with 14-18 year olds.

The new qualifications have been implemented in June 2010.

Although this doesn’t apply to existing License holders so long as the License was awarded less than three years ago. New Licensees however, will be required to be trained in the new modules. 


Door Supervisors, sometimes known as Door Stewards or Bouncers, are responsible for the security of customers and staff in pubs, bars and nightclubs, and other licensed premises and public events. They keep order and make sure that the venue’s patrons can enjoy themselves in a safe and relaxed atmosphere.

Door Supervisors usually work in teams of two or more, depending on the size of the venue. One of their main duties is to ascertain the suitability of people coming into the venue. This may include checking age, identification, dress code, and whether or not they are carrying harmful objects or illegal drugs. A trained SIA Door Supervisor understands that the reputation of the premises they are working at is at stake every moment they are on the job, and as the first point of contact with the general public, they are authorized by the venue’s management to refuse entry to anyone they consider unsuitable.

Other Door Supervisor / Nightclub Security duties include:

  • Managing crowds to avoid crushing and queue jumping

  • Collecting tickets from patrons coming in

  • Providing customer service

  • Providing local information for visitors

  • Patrolling inside and outside the venue, watching people's behavior and dealing with conflict

  • Restraining and escorting people out of the venue, if necessary

  • Dealing with emergencies, and creating security logs

  • Supervising people as they leave the building

  • Co-operating with the police, first aiders and management.

  • Representing a venue to it's accreditation

  • Ordering guests taxis

  • A myriad of front of house duties

  • Assisting with booking information and guest lists

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